If the gods were made flesh... could they be wounded?

We create highly detailed, pre-supported, printable STL models every month. But that’s not all: our original characters adventure in a 100% authoral dark fantasy world. And this is a story we are only beggining to tell.

Welcome to Flesh Of Gods.


Mankind was leading a life with no achievements and no history, more than four thousand years ago. They were born, grew up and died with the single purpose of worshipping their gods.

Pandrah, a beautiful fertility goddess, guarded a box in her temple. Inside this box, there was a secret, hidden from men. The First of the Three Human Powers.

Ancient gods, oblivious even to the other gods, weary of eternal life, envious of men, created the Three Human Powers. These were things allowed to men but denied to the gods.


The First Power was the Power of Death. It allowed the gods to die.

The Second Power was the Power of Oblivion. It allowed the gods to forget.

The Third Power was such a terrible force that even the gods kept from talking about it among themselves.

Aletheios, one of Pandrah's disciples, fell in her favor and ended up stealing the First Power. The thing that allowed the gods to be killed was in men's hands.


The Disorder was then born from the theft, a protracted period of grave disturbance, during which humanity found itself free from god worship. Before the Disorder, humans made offerings to the gods, now they hunt them; before, humans made sacrifices, now they make war. The gods counterattacked, using their powers to punish mankind. They spawned monsters, decimated the lands, hurled curses...

Aletheios gathered six disciples: Achiad, Kraheger, Speurathor, Tesseros, Fenthamos, and Sextoagrippus. Seven men, seven rebels who rose against the divine authority. The Free Blood Guild emerged from their example, effort and legacy, a great organization to worship human freedom and dignity and ensure that no human being will ever again kneel before a god.

Or at least that is what the Guild would like you to believe...


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