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  • Custom D&D statblocks, flavour texts for each character and compelling short stories
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What our subscribers say

Charlie Collicutt (UK)

Miniature Painter and RPG player

Flesh of the Gods is one of the most exciting up and coming miniature subscriptions out there. Not only do they provide brilliant miniatures on a monthly basis, but they continue to get better and more unique with every pack. Let’s not forget either that their team is so open, ready to chat, answer questions and solve problems at a moments notice. Give these guys a go, you won’t regret it!

Max Schwarzbich (Germany)

Owner of Max's Magnificent Minis

Flesh of Gods create incredibly unique and beautiful models. Each of them is full of so many little details that really set them apart. In combination with very good supports, printing the models is a brease.

Jonathon Hart (US)

Owner of The Tinker Tavern

Of all the creators I am subscribed, Flesh of Gods is my favorite. Not only are their designs amazing, their staff is super helpful, and beyond all else, when I print one of their models, I know it will print. Not only do they take the time to pre-support every model, they make the models themselves thicker in the right places to hold structural integrity, without compromising aesthetic or design.

Loyalty Rewards Program

If you remain a subscriber for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months in a row, you will receive an exclusive piece. Check some of the rewards we already revealed:

War Elephant

(3 months)

War Elephants are unpredictable creatures but nevertheless are used as mounts or beasts of burden by many creatures, such as Trolls or even men.

Furious Ettin

(6 months)

This beautiful sculpt will come with 2 different full torsos: one holding a knight fighting for his life, and one showcasing only the creature in all its awesomeness.

The Abomination

(9 months)

Behold this insane creature that came from the darkest planes of existence. With his giant sword and an optional crown of flames, he can't be messed with.

Sword Collector

(12 months)

Available in 32 mm and 75 mm scale, with absolute maximum detail, this swift and merciless warrior doesn't take only the life of his enemies. He also collects their swords.

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